A condition of the lease that all Allotment Associations within the London Borough of Bromley hold with the Council is that they are a member of the Bromley Allotment & Leisure Gardens Federation (B.A.L.G.F.). A condition of the Federation’s constitution is that all Allotment Associations actively promote the Federation’s annual allotment competition.

There are numerous classes covering a wide spectrum of allotment activities. Whilst the judging is undertaken by trained individuals, they do not expect “Chelsea Flower Show” standards. Indeed a plot that is cultivated within the terms of the Allotment Tenancy – Terms and Conditions should be of sufficient standard to be entered.

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Current Classes

All the awards except the Pat Townsend Cup will be judged out of 100 points.

Certificates will be awarded for points gained in the following ranges:

Merit 60 – 74; Bronze 75 – 79, Silver 80 – 84, Silver-Gilt 85 – 89, Gold 90 – 100

Judging will take place between the 29th June & 3rd July.


Champion of Champions Cup

Entry is open to the previous year’s winners of the Cliff Uden, Douglass, Jean Brooks, Norman Overton and Peter Tomlin trophies.

Cliff Uden Cup

Awarded to plotholders under 35years of age.

Douglass Cup

Awarded for the best allotment plot over 5 rods

Crop Quality 20 points
Crop Planning
   Layout – including intercropping 10 points
   Planting plans/ schemes – spacing and staking 10 points
   Harvesting, succession and nursery beds 10 points
   Cultivation – tilling and weeding 20 points
   Compost facilities – use of bins etc 10 points
   General tidiness – paths, sheds, cloches etc 10 points
   Recycling – reuse of materials 10 points

Crask Trophy

Awarded to the best plot with with a single area of not more than 30% of the plot set to flowers and/or ornamental plants that enhances the overall appearance of the site.

Peter Woods Cottage Garden Cup

Awarded to the plotholder who best maintains an allotment as a Cottage Garden. In the Peter Woods Cottage Garden Cup the floral and vegetable elements should be integrated. 

Brian Buckley Wine Award

Awarded for the best Country wine ie fruit (other than grape) or vegetable wine. The chief ingredient need not have been grown on the allotment but must not be a kit.

Peter Springall Memorial Cup

Awarded for the best grape wine. The grapes need not have been grown on the allotment but must not be a kit.

Bromley Beekeepers Honey Trophy

Awarded for the best liquid honey (two jars).


BALGF Cup (3As)

Awarded to the site which shows the most improvement year on year, based on points gained in the Spencer May cup.

Spencer May Cup

This competition is for overall quality and management of an allotment site. Any site may enter and it is hoped that sites which enter a plot in any other category will also enter this cup.

Pat Townsend Special Award

This award is made at the discretion of the judges for some artistic feature on or associated with an allotment plot or allotment site, which inspires or delights them. Site secretaries are invited to alert the competition organiser to prospective features and the judges are at liberty to select whatever appeals to them.