Tenants Responsibilities and Constitution and Rules of the Association

You can download a PDF by clicking on this link: Plot Holders and Garden Helpers Responsibilities

This document should be read in conjunction with the Constitution and Rules of the Association and the Allotment Tenancy – Terms and Conditions. The three documents collectively being referred to as the Rules of the Association.

Each individual Plot Holder and Garden Helper, hereinafter in this document referred to as Tenant(s), of the Bromley Common Allotment Garden Association shall undertake to abide by these Rules and the Allotment Tenancy – Terms and Conditions published by Bromley Allotments and Leisure Gardens Federation, together with any interim rules the Management Committee may consider necessary to introduce in the interests of the good management, safety, general maintenance of the Sites and the care and well-being of members and integrity of the Bromley Common Allotment Garden Association.

1.  Cultivation

Cultivation of a plot may not commence until the completion of a Tenancy Agreement form. In normal circumstances, all Tenants are expected to have commenced cultivation of their designated plot within two months of having signed the respective Tenancy Agreement Form. Extenuating weather conditions will however be taken into consideration.

2.  Subscriptions.

All Tenants shall pay their annual rent in accordance with section 5 of the Constitution.

3.  Keys

All keys remain the property of the Association and should be returned to the Association upon the determination of a tenancy. Tenants may neither get any key copied themselves nor allow anyone else to arrange for a copy of any key to be made.
See also 7. of the Constitution – Keys.

4.  Sheds and other structures

(a) Sheds

(i)     Only one shed per plot is permitted and should have a base no greater than 24 sq.ft/2.3 sq.mtres (approx 6ft x 4ft).

        (ii)     All new, replacement or relocated sheds must incorporate a rainwater  collection system.

(b) Other structures

A written request for all other structures must be submitted to the Management Committee.

(c) The use of concrete pads or footings or mortared brickwork is prohibited.

(d) Upon the determination of a Tenancy, any inherited shed or other structure must be left in situ.

(e) Upon the determination of a Tenancy, any shed or other structure purchased by the plot holder will if not removed, be deemed to have been gifted to the Association. The Management Committee will not enter into the purchase and selling of sheds or other structures between individuals.

5.  Children

Any children brought onto the allotment site must be under the supervision of an adult who will be solely responsible for them for the duration of their visit.

6.  Work Parties

It is incumbent upon every Tenant to contribute towards the upkeep and general tidiness of their particular site, Par. l(q) of the Allotment Tenancy – Terms and Conditions. Work Parties are held throughout the year, the dates of which will be advised in January. The Association considers a minimum contribution of four hours per year towards site maintenance to be fair and reasonable. Non-participation in work parties or equivalent time spent on site maintenance will incur a surcharge that will be included in the following years rent.

7.  Bonfires

Tenants are not permitted to have their own bonfires. Tenants should remove all uncompostable material, whether it be organic and inorganic, to council run waste sites.

8.  Paths & Edges

Tenants are responsible for defining the edges of their individual plots and keeping them trimmed and tidy; ensuring that that no plants, bushes etc overhang or encroach upon the pathways and no materials are left on the pathways or potentially dangerous items sited near the edges of plots.

9.  Water Tanks

Tenants should exercise great care to avoid weed kill insecticides and other chemicals contaminating the storage supply. Tenants should not wash vegetables or garden tools in the storage tanks, use a hosepipe nor deposit or cause to be deposited any material in the storage tanks that may in any way contaminate them or interfere with the water supply.

10. Dogs

Any dog brought onto the allotment site should be on a leash and under control at all times. The person in charge of any dog while on the allotment site is responsible for ensuring that the dog does not foul the site and should any fouling occur it is cleared up in accordance with the regulations and bylaws which apply on the public thoroughfares etc within the London Borough of Bromley.

11.  Invasive Plants

(a)       The planting of invasive plants such as Bamboo, all types of willow, conifers  (including Christmas trees) is not permitted.

(b)       Excluding those plants covered by par.11.(a) above, all trees, other than fruit trees must be grown in pots

(c)       Shrubs must not exceed a height of one metre.

12.  Ponds and sunken containers

Not without the written consent of the Association may wildlife ponds be installed. The use of sunken receptacles is not permitted.

13.  Security

Tenants must lock/secure gates upon entering and lock them when leaving a Site. Unless completely unavoidable, Tenants are advised not to store items of value on the allotment, see 14. Insurance below. Tenants should report incidents of theft and vandalism to their site manager and the police and notify the Secretary of the police crime/incident reference number.

Everyone authorized to enter the allotment sites have been issued with a gate key, and those without keys will have pre arranged an appointment with a committee member. No matter what the potential visitor may say, do not allow them access. If in doubt consult a committee member or suggest that they contact the Association via the B.A.L.G.F. or L.B.B.

14. Insurance

The Insurance Policy held by the Association does not extend to issues that have taken place on rented plots or on the access paths between them.

15.  Glass

The use of glass is not permitted.

16.  Vehicles

No vehicle should to be parked on any site so as to cause obstruction or nuisance to other plot holders, the exception being for the purpose of actually loading or unloading. Parking is only permitted in designated areas, and vehicles should not be driven off the areas so provided.

17.  Conduct

All Tenants have a duty of care to everyone on site. It is the Tenants responsibility to keep their plot(s) free of weeds that would cause a nuisance to adjoining tenants. Be courteous and considerate in both manner and deed. Any use of violence or threats of violence or damage to another’s property or stealing from another Tenant will be grounds for immediate termination of tenancy. See also 10. of the Constitution – Termination of a Tenancy of an Allotment Plot. An unruly plot is not just a nuisance to you but also a menace to your neighbours. Be proactive; tell a committee member if there is a problem keeping your plot in good order.

18.  Illness

Time and again the committee have to deal with complaints about plots with knee high weeds that have all gone to seed and contaminating surrounding plots. Difficult letters have to be sent asking people to come and tidy their plots, only to discover that the reason they have not been down for months was because some terrible injury or illness has befallen them. If only they had advised the committee of their predicament it may have been possible to provide some interim assistance.

19.  Matters Not Provided For

Any matters not provided for in these rules or those of the Allotment Tenancy – Terms and Conditions issued by the Bromley Allotments and Leisure Gardens Federation will be dealt with by the Management Committee at their discretion.